Powering Financial Literacy in Your Community    


Who We Are

Money Made Simple (MMS) is a privately-funded philanthropic initiative providing financial literacy training—at no cost and with no hidden agenda—to working adults in New York City. Our mission is to enable individuals to take charge of their personal finances and achieve their financial goals—while minimizing expenses and maximizing convenience for our community-based partners and students.

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The Need

Many working adults are ill-equipped to handle their personal finances and discover this at the worst possible time—after financial disaster has struck. 
  • Only 40% of adults keep a budget and track spending; and
  • 50% have less than 3 months of expenses saved—an RX for financial instability.

The MMS Solution

We partner with community-based organizations to bring their constituents an integrated series of seminars on personal money management developed and taught by the Pro-Bono Committee of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of New York.  Our program is designed to serve working adults who cannot afford or otherwise lack access to traditional financial literacy programs. Our seminars are free; recommended by a trusted authority; held in a safe, non-commercial setting; taught by experts ethically bound not to prospect for clients; understandable to all; repeatable; scalable.

Our Success

Money Made Simple course participants report valuing, retaining, and using lessons learned:

100 %

100 %

100 %

Would recommend the program to others

In a 6-month follow-up study, 100% recalled being “very satisfied” with MMS

Were following through with money management skills learned
in the course    



  “Your clear, direct, and calm presentations about so many valuable topics helped me to feel calm but serious about shaping my relationship with money. I especially appreciated your ability to take complex topics and explain them to us at lower levels of financial literacy.”
“This was the most wonderfully useful and valuable seminar I have ever attended!
 It opened up a whole new world for me.”
“I wish everybody I knew could take it.”
  “I put EVERYTHING I learned into action. I followed the credit card expenditure guidelines; I thought through and budgeted my first car purchase; and plans are in place to
buy my first home."

“THIS is what the church needs to be doing.”